Questions about Visiting Worship

What time and where?

On Sundays, worship begins at 9:00 AM. It typically runs until 10:15 or 10:30. Afterwards, we’d love for you to consider staying for one of our excellent classes!

Our building is located at 1200 Cedar Lane in Tullahoma, TN

What should I wear to worship?

We don’t think worship comes with a dress code, and we want you to come in whatever makes you feel comfortable and ready for worship. We have people every week wearing jeans, and others who feel more comfortable wearing ties and coats. Just don’t overthink it, and wear what seems most natural to you.

What should I expect during worship?

We’ll pray, sing songs together, share communion, and there will be a sermon about a part of the Bible. We also have an offering, and some announcements about things happening with people in our community. Occasionally we have a baby blessing!

If you’d like to get a feel for what sermons are like at Cedar Lane, check out the sermon audio recordings here. If you’d like a fuller description of what is happening in the other parts of our worship, check out this Guide to Worship.

What about my kids?

We work to make sure Cedar Lane is a place where kids will be welcome and safe. Kids of any age are welcome to stay and participate in worship—and our church’s culture is okay with a wiggly kid who makes some noise. We’d rather have the sounds of kids among us than the silence of their absence! We have some bags of toys/books, etc if you need a little help keeping your little one busy.

That said, if you just need a little respite and the freedom to engage in worship personally, we also staff a nursery for kids ages 2 and under during worship. Also, during the sermon time we have a “children’s worship” period for kids 3-4 years old. (We’ll let everybody in worship know when it’s time for the kids to the Children’s worship area). And finally, if you want to keep your kids with you, but need just a little more space and sound isolation, we have a couple of rooms with big windows into the auditorium where you can go with little ones who are struggling.