The Church of Christ at Cedar Lane

Our Mission:

Forming Disciples

Cedar Lane is a community of people following Jesus. We’d love for you to join us in learning what it means to join him in his ongoing mission in the world.


Our Mission

We believe that God uses the church of Christ at Cedar Lane to form people into disciples of Jesus who together participate in the kingdom of God.

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Imagine a community of people deeply committed to following Jesus. A place where everyone grows. Where everyone is constantly growing, learning, and taking new steps. Imagine a community of people who support each other, extending to each other love and grace, knowing that nobody’s perfect and everybody still has something to learn. Imagine a community of curiosity, where everyone is certain that every day is an opportunity to grow and learn. A community that believes in listening. 

Imagine a place where 

harsh people become more gentle, 
impatient people learn to take their time, 
leaders become better leaders, 
rushed people learn to pay attention, 
fearful people become courageous,
sincere people become more wise, 
fakers become more real, 
Greedy people become generous,
anxious people learn to live in peace,
selfish folk learn to love their neighbors,

and where you can become more you. 

Imagine a place where you can become the you that you were literally created to be and become. 

Imagine a community that shares wisdom without judgment, where you can find people who offer solid advice, but who also know when it’s better to offer silent support. Imagine a family that makes you feel at home every time you show up. Imagine a church where worship helps you live more faithfully to God. Where the word of God gracefully speaks of hope, justice, peace, and calls you into a new grasp of mission and purpose. Imagine a church that believes that your work, play, family, and friendships are just as important to God as what happens in the sanctuary. Imagine a community of people committed to serving its neighbors, for their benefit, not its own. Imagine a church that works hard together—and plays hard together! That laughs and cries together.

Imagine a place where everyone not only has something to learn, but something to teach. Imagine a community that believes and practices mutuality, reciprocity, and respect. Imagine a family that believes each person is a gift from God, that each human bears the image of God.

This is our vision. This is the church we are becoming.

We want you to imagine it.

That imagination is our invitation.